The first cryptocurrency fully backed by silver and made in Germany.

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A clear and long-lasting connection.

One ARG3NTUM (AAA) coin equates to one gram of physical silver.


physical backing

Co-operation with professional merchants and pioneers in the security services industry. Regular auditing by one of the Big Four.


decentralised ledger

Partnerships with leading cyber-security and banking technology providers, with a focus on blockchain and decentralised ledger technology.

Blockchain technology

made by Stellar.

Fully backed by physical silver

1g silver = 1 ARG3NTUM (AAA) coin.

Straightforward trading on crypto exchanges

and via in the near future.

Low volatility

the stable alternative for crypto traders.

Minimal transaction costs

with complete transparency.

ARG3NTUM offers a spectrum of advantages.

For crypto traders

Low volatility

Backing AAA coins with physical silver ensures low volatility. The value is set by the LBMA and not affected by fluctuations in the crypto market.

Independent of institutions

The value of ARG3NTUM is not dependent upon the actions of banks, central banks or other institutions. Therefore, it is also independent of fiat-systems.

Diversification of your portfolio

As ARG3NTUM is a stable investment, it is ideal for diversifying your portfolio of cryptocurrencies.


Investing in silver with ARG3NTUM instead of fiat maintains your purchasing power; especially in the future.

For silver investors

More flexibility

The ability to divide the silver flexibly eases the processes of buying and trading. ARG3NTUM creates the opportunity to divide assets beyond coins and ingots.

Minimal spreads

The typical high spreads, which arise when buying and selling silver bullion, are eliminated by our processes. The only fee that applies when using our service is a minor transaction fee.


The silver that is in your possession is liquid, meaning that you can sell it at the push of a button.

High-security storage facilities

Your silver is stored by BRINKS and is 100% insured.


The number of circulating ARG3NTUM (AAA) coins and stored silver is traceable at every point in time. Additionally, it is audited by one of the Big Four on a regular basis.

The sale of ARG3NTUM will begin in Q1 2019.

ARG3NTUM is now available via:

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