By combining true values and modern blockchain technology, we offer a groundbreaking alternative to classic and crypto investments.

Our mission.

We are creating a new class of safe and stable investments by combining traditional assets with innovative blockchain technology.

Hereby, we are revolutionising the methods that are currently available to buy and store physical assets. Our first goal is to enable the trade of precious metals on the blockchain.

The acquisition of precious metals through our products differentiates itself from conventional methods such as securities, deposits, stationary trade or safekeeping at home:

By offering attractive conditions, hassle-free transaction processes and both top-notch security and transparency we justify a new standard for the trade of true values.

Blockchain technology.

Blockchains are tamper-proof, decentralised data structures, wherein transactions are transparently noted in chronological order without a centralised entity or the possibility to edit them. 

The combination of transparent chains and cryptographic keys for proof of ownership justifies a decentralised booking system and provides the technical foundation of our products. Most importantly, this technology offers transparency and safety for our customers.


Alter-proof proof of ownership


Independent from classic financial markets


Transparent and traceable transactions

True value.

Traditional investments for the future.

An ever increasing number of investments solemnly present a claim of ownership. Physical ownership of true values offers a stable and safe choice in the globalised  financial world, providing the opportunity to steer against the common inflationary monetary policies of central banks. 

Values, of which the quantity cannot be increased at will, offer the stability that has become increasingly important for many.


Physical ownership of true values


Sustainable purchasing power


Safety from potential failures of the financial markets

Key advantages.

Stable coin.

As we back our stable coin with physical precious metal, they guarantee an untypical stability.

Hereby, your assets are secure from extreme volatility in the crypto markets, as well as sudden irregularities in the classic financial markets.

Quick and simple processing.

By bringing precious metals to the blockchain, we are digitising the out-dated, standardised processes that are necessary to acquire precious metals.

Hereby, we are offering you an uncomplicated and quick method to access real precious metals.

Minimal transaction costs.

High transaction costs due to extortionate spreads and fees when buying and selling precious metals are a thing of the past.

By enabling trade via safe and efficient blockchain technology, you can invest in precious metals simply and more affordably – wherever and whenever you please.

Maximal transparency.

Due to the implementation of the blockchain, all transactions are permanently documented, traceable and tamper-proof. Our products excel through technical processes that are fully transparent.

This transparency is further guaranteed by the fact that all of our processes and accounts are audited in addition to there being no intermediaries in the execution of orders.

Stay tuned.


Regular updates about us and our products


Exclusive benefits for the launch of our new products


Updates about selected blockchain technologies

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