On Thursday, 11 May, the Novavisions AG publicly announced its acquisition of the Bloxolid GmbH. The fusion of the companies offers the Bloxolid GmbH a solid foundation for further development due to a relocation to Switzerland, as well as additional funding.

By developing innovative investment opportunities based on blockchain technology, Bloxolid provides transparency and security to a very high degree for its new products. The Novavisions AG, registered on the Stuttgart and Munich Exchanges under WKN 657220 / ISIN CH0012192198, emphasises this approach further through the neutrality of the swiss location. Additionally, Bloxolid profits from the fusion of the companies by receiving further funding.

The acquisition of the Bloxolid GmbH will occur in line with a capital increase in exchange for a contribution in kind. The result will be that the founders of the Bloxolid GmbH receive two-thirds of the Novavisions AG shares. Furthermore, representatives of the Bloxolid management and founders will be a part of the Novavisions’ governing board upon the completion of the deal. Bloxolid’s founders and Novavisions’ shareholders are yet to officially approve of this transaction.

About the Bloxolid GmbH
Bloxolid’s mission is to combine traditional assets with innovative blockchain technology to create a new class of safe and stable investments. Founded in Hanover in December 2017, the company is currently developing its first product, ARG3NTUM: The first cryptocurrency fully backed by silver – made in Germany. With an array of defining advantages, Bloxolid is setting the standard for the trade of true values. By offering inexpensive conditions, simple transaction processes and high transparency, the company wants to revolutionise the trade of precious metals, as well as establishing itself as the safe investment choice in the crypto market.

About the Novavisions AG
The swiss company, based in Rotkreuz, invests in companies and ideas with sustainable concepts and a strong potential to develop. Novavisions does not only invest financially, but also invests time and energy into an advisory role to be a valuable partner in business.

Contact for press inquiries
Lienhardt Meyer (CMO)
+49 (0) 511 2286447


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